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Park Yoga Newport

The beauty of yoga is that it can be done anywhere but being outside amongst the elements can certainly transform a tired, sluggish routine into an uplifting, spirited experience. Nature enhances our yoga practice; it connects us to our roots, making us feel safe and grounded and heightens our senses promoting feelings of alertness and vitality which in turn makes us more present.
Practising amongst the flowers and trees, smelling the wonderous scents of nature, listening to the birds, feeling the air and the heat of the sun on our faces and skin, glancing up to the sky and down to the earth (instead of the ceiling and floor) is a gentle reminder that we really are part of the greater scheme of life. We’re all sharing the same amazing space.
Of course, one phrase I hear more than anything from many of my students is “my balance is awful”!! Well, practising yoga on uneven ground has a deluge of benefits not least because you can actually grip the ground if you try hard enough. Balancing on one leg on any occasion, but more so in the undulating palms of Mother Earth, develops bone and muscle strength, improves our concentration and focus, enhances our proprioception and the complexities of our inner terrain, but above all it allows us to direct our attention towards our most vital attribute – the breath. Yoga is about breathing, among other things, so being amidst the oxygen giving trees helps us to open up our lungs more fully, allowing our bodies to be fuelled more efficiently.
Finally, we mustn’t forget that very important D vitamin that exudes from the sun’s rays and kisses our skin. Vitamin D is critical for bone health and our immune system so find minutes a day to lie in Savasana or kick up into handstand…one will no doubt last longer than the other!!

Join me in Beechwood Park during the summer months to enjoy this wonderful practice.

Days and times change each week so please get in touch for more info. £5 per session.

You will need to bring your own mat.

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