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Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is a passive and therapeutic form of yoga that provides deep rest for tired bodies, stillness for busy minds and rejuvenation for the entire nervous system. The yoga concentrates on surrendering your weight to supports and softening stretches helping you to relieve negative stress and emotional strain. Sometimes allowing yourself to do nothing is the greatest form of self-care and in this workshop you will be doing just that! Restorative yoga helps you to discover where you are unconsciously holding tension and how to release it.

These workshops begins with breath work, followed by releasing and relaxing restorative postures using support and finish with a guided meditation.

This type of yoga practice and help manage and relieve the symptoms of long covid, CFS and menopause.

Props needed:

yoga mat, bolster, pillow, two blankets, yoga strap, yoga bricks and blocks, eye cushion.  You can substitute these props with anything around the house.  Click below for details

Yoga pantry – how to substitute yoga props in your restorative practice.