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A yoga day of balance and renewal

Spring Equinox – A day of balance and renewal

Sunday 24th March 2024

Join me in the beautiful Wye Valley for a transformative day of yoga to celebrate the Spring Equinox.

Equinox means equal so this time of year represents balance – new light, new life and new beginnings.  Just like the Autumn Equinox, it is the point in the year when the days and nights are the same length.

Just as nature enters a cycle of growth and expansion in spring, so does the energy within us.  We’re just at the beginning of February and the change in light, but maybe not temperature, is comfortingly noticeable. The scent of the air and the heartening birdsong reassures us that we’re moving towards spring, my favourite season, when everything starts to cautiously raise its head from the annual winter slumber and those seeds that were carefully sewn can now begin to blossom.  Winter is a time when our energy is low; it’s a time to hibernate and reflect compassionately on the year that’s passed and tentatively envisage the year ahead.  We nurture our plans in the healing darkness and when spring arrives we have the energy and passion to implement them.  It is clear that we are no different from anything else in nature and yoga is something that can help us follow these intrinsic yet buried fundamental rhythms.

Drop into your body to absorb the delights and magic of yoga along with uplifting energies of spring all nestled away in the beautiful Wye Valley

What the day includes:

Morning movement

Energising practice focussing on the elements of balance

Nutritious vegetarian buffet lunch

Gentle walk or just relax and enjoy the sunshine

Afternoon embodiment

Dive into Rest –  Healing breathwork followed by a  blissful restorative/somatic and yoga nidra practice to assimilate the day


Early bird £55 (available until February 20) £60 thereafter.


Mackenzie Hall, Brockweir, Tintern

24 March 2024 10.30-4.30 pm

Please note there is no refund for this event.  By paying you are agreeing to the T&Cs

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