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Deepen your practice and peak at pincha (forearm balance) Sunday 20 January 9.30 am

In this Sunday’s session we will be scaffolding our way to pincha mayurasana focusing on dynamic ways to wake up the shoulders with stabilising movements to help increase strength and awareness in the shoulder girdle  integrating your upper body to your core. We will build up through reclined core strengtheners transitioning into flowing salutations to build heat and energy ready for the finale but before you talk yourself out of this remember we will be using many props, including the wall to safely enable you to get to the stage that suits you. Finishing with a well deserved legs up the wall pose for you to relish!

Please contact me to book your place as they are limited due to equipment.

07712 274 064 / [email protected]. £8

The Share Centre on Stow Hill, plenty of parking around the cathedral