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Embracing your light – Yoga and the Summer Solstice

It is that time of year again when we experience the longest day of the year and celebrate the Summer Solstice, moving from the darkness of winter to the light of summer. As the days get longer we find ourselves becoming more active and spending more hours outside. The summer Solstice is the perfect time to bring the same principles to your yoga practice. The practice of Surya Namaskar (sun salutations) is a traditional way to invite fire into our lives and burn away everything we have outgrown no longer serves us. In many yoga studios around the planet yogis and yoginis will be practising a series of 108 sun salutations which is a “mandala” or circle of poses celebrating the sun.

We practise sun salutations to create “tapas” or inner heat to cleanse the body and develop a moving meditation resulting in a stripping away of the unnecessary layers we have built up over the year. As these layers begin to peel away we find ourselves less in our head and more in our heart and harnessing of the breath allows us to breathe in the new for healing and growth and breathe out the old to let go things we no longer need.