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Inversion Workshop


“We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing!”
George Bernard Shaw

This is one of my favourite quotes which I revisit and repost on regular basis and even more so as find myself turning 51 next month. Play is something we are all made to do and instrumental to our overall health. For some reason society had made us feel that on becoming an adult you should abandon playful activities. My yoga mat has become my playground and a playground for my students. It’s not a place to be serious and judgemental.

Sunday 23 October
The Share Centre on Stow Hill Newport
All levels and abilities welcome

Face your fears and gain strength, confidence and courage as you scaffold your way up to a new perspective on the world through headstand and handstand and shoulderstand.?

Doing scary things helps you grow, as the magic in your life happens  when you nudge your body outside of its comfort zone! Revisit your playful youth and join me on the mat for this exhilarating and uplifting practice. Being upside down calms the nervous system and when you combine this with strength, resilience and breathwork you can kick unsettling emotions like stress and anxiety into touch.

This is a very safe and well planned workshop to prepare your body for different and accessible inversions.

We will finish with a yoga nidra where you’ll experience the blissful aftermath of such an energising practice.

All equipment provided.
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