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Public and online classes

The situation with the Coronavirus is unfolding rapidly and and unpredictably and like many other yoga teachers I am looking for alternative ways to reach out to students who are self isolating or social distancing. Circumstances such as this can cause us to feel unsettled but I encourage you to approach the situation mindfully – aware that it is our responsibility to take extra precautions and to stay sensibly informed but not to be swept away by the panic and fear. If you feel panicked, yoga and meditation can be a great tool to regulate your nervous system, which is an important connection with immune health, which is more able to fight off infection if you stay in calmer states.

At present my public classes are running until the end of the week, however when and if circumstances change I will still be there for you via the yoga live lounge!!!

I already have a youTube channel which has quite a few videos on for you to start with. As the situation develops and the prospect of lockdown becomes more likely I’ve decided to set up live streaming classes on Zoom or YouTube at the times when my classes normally run.



I will be using this time to develop my own home practice and I encourage you to do the same. See it as a great opportunity which will enable you to ride the storm over the next few months.

To help you with this I will be filming my own home practice and giving precise¬† instructions as I go along by way of a voice over just like in my other videos. There will classes for all levels and of different duration. Let me know if there is anything specific you’d like me to focus on. I’m hoping to cover as many themes as possible to keep you present and attentive. I will also be recording guided meditations for you to listen to to help you through this time. This is quite a new angle for me so the challenge is keeping me uplifted and positive.

If you’re not on my mailing list please email me if you’d like to be part of the live lounge classes.

Like for many others this is very scary and uncertain time for me as a self employed single parent . I fall under the “gig” category, a phrase frequently flying around in the media. We don’t know how long this could go on for so for all of us the future is very ambivalent . The collective energy of group yoga classes is a such beautiful thing and I feel blessed to have such a rewarding job. I’m a big believer in the power of energy in all its forms and I know we can make it happen online.
Obviously there is a lot of yoga online but I’d be so grateful if you could subscribe to my youtube channel. This will keep you up to date with new classes.
Looking forward to seeing you sometime on the mat or from the Yoga Live Lounge!

Be well ?