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Restorative yoga and guided meditation via Zoom Friday 26 June 7-8.30pm

Answering the call for rest in these uncertain times.

As the endless days in lockdown unfold you may be finding that they’re being accompanied by an overwhelming feeling of lethargy and tiredness for no reason at all.  Daily routines have been disrupted for months which will inevitably be having a huge impact on both body, mind and more notably spirit.  There may be mornings when you feel you can hardly get out of bed even if you’ve had 12 hours sleep. This class is all about answering that call with deep rest and rejuvenation to combat this unanticipated fatigue and listlessness. Using your homemade props as support, essential oils and candles create your own sacred space and sink deeply into “ananda” (bliss) through these nourishing restorative postures releasing all effort and letting the tiredness begin to drain away leaving you feel revitalised.

Restorative yoga is a passive and therapeutic form of yoga that provides deep rest for tired bodies, stillness for busy minds and rejuvenation for the entire nervous system. The yoga concentrates on surrendering your weight to supports and softening stretches helping you to relieve negative stress and emotional strain. Sometimes allowing yourself to do nothing is the greatest form of self-care and in this class you will be doing just that! Restorative yoga helps you to discover where you are unconsciously holding tension and how to release it.

Contact me via email for the link to this class and details of props you’ll need.

£5 or free for those on monthly unlimited.

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