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Shifting your yoga to Autumn

Classes for the next few weeks will focus on breathing techniques and postures to help cope with the autumnal transition that is upon us. As we slow down the pace of life a little, learn how to turn inward and reevaluate.  Honour what you’ve achieved during the year and prepare to let go of what is no longer useful to you. 

The autumn Equinox (22 September) is the balance point when day and night are equal in length.  In nature during this time there is a shift of emphasis from fruitfulness to composting, growth to dormancy and incubation and as human beings we can also make subtle adjustments in our daily lives to align with the seasons.

Class themes

Sun to Moon
Light to Dark
Yang to Yin
Action to Contemplation
Fire to Water
outward achievement to inner reflection and contemplation
Building up to Letting go
Movement to Stillness

Join me on the mat to explore and align with this magical time of year!

In Chinese medicine each season is related to a pair of organs in the body and for Autumn it is the lungs and large intestine, which deal primarily with absorption and expulsion – the drawing in and letting go.

Try this simple but effective pranayama (breathing technique) to help restore balance to the nervous system as you step down a gear and prepare for the winter months ahead.

Viloma Pranayama

1. Sit in a comfortable upright position ensuring your spine is long. Close your eyes and sit quietly for a minute.
2. Breathe normally and observe your breath.
3. Take a deep breath and fill your lungs completely allowing the belly to rise. Exhale fully, drawing your navel to your spine to completely empty out.
4. Inhale completely without straining. At the top of the inhale hold for a couple of seconds. As you slowly exhale pause three times holding for a second until you have completely emptied out.  Continue for up to five minutes.