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Find your centre and refine your standing balances – Sunday 11 November

Drawing our attention inward towards our centre makes standing balances satisfying and peaceful for the mind.  Life is neither predictable nor stationary but we are asked to find stability within the flow.  We all know there is something uniquely frustrating about losing our balance in one-legged postures; it’s not the fear of falling and hurting ourselves, it’s our ego that seems to feel the blow.

In this Sunday’s workshop we will focus on cultivating concentration combined with correct alignment, fluid breath and the art of yielding to the earth to create one-legged stillness and serenity.

Join me on the mat at 9.30-10.45 am at The Share Centre on Stowhill. £8 per session.

Contact me on 07712 274 064 / [email protected] to book a place.