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Firefly fun! Open your hips and hamstrings and take flight in this Sunday morning’s yoga workshop.

Tittibhasana (firefly pose) is a strength-building arm balance that challenges hip and hamstring flexibility while opening the chest, grounding you in your upper body, and asking you to find balance on nothing but your hands.  HELP!!!  The biggest challenge, however, is to soften your mental approach to the pose and have fun.  First and foremost, maintain your connection to your breath and focus on manifesting the actual name of the pose—Firefly. We all have an inner light waiting to be fired up. To shine this light around you, you need to access the energy within you so you can embrace the journey to the peak posture step by step, opening up the body and recycling energy into yourself.

Join me on the mat on Sunday morning at 9.30 at The Share Centre, Stow Hill, Newport. £8. Please contact me to book your place. 07712 274 064 / [email protected]