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Journey Towards Headstand

NEW SUNDAY MORNING YOGA CLASS to deepen your practice.

This is an Iyengar yoga inspired class which will be workshop based exploring  the foundations of more challenging yoga poses and their correct alignment which will help develop your own yoga practice.  It’s a 75 minute drop in class starting at 9.30 at The Share Centre on Stow Hill.  Park around the Cathedral and walk down the hill for one hundred yards and it’s on your left.  This Sunday we’ll be journeying towards headstand (Sirsasana), the King of Postures. We will work through preparatory  postures to help prepare the body and mind for the pose.  Don’t worry if this seems overwhelming, you’re still practising the essence of yoga which means you work within your own realms not those of others.  Let me know if you’d like a place or are interested in future classes.