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Sunday Morning Deepen Your Practice with Hanaumanasana

Say hello to your hamstrings and revisit that “dream pose” of your nostalgic past!

In this Sunday’s yoga workshop we’ll be journeying into hanumanasana (yoga splits) with patience and strategic postures that will open the essential areas of the body allowing you to slide effortlessly into this childhood shape!  Of course, this is a journey so it might not happen immediately!!

Even if you’re not flexible there is always hope for late-blooming stretchers.  With yoga splits you don’t have to get your pelvis to the floor like in gymnastics; the alignment is actually quite different.  Saying that, the most important part of any yoga pose is how you get there, the communication you feel with your body and the deep awareness you bring to it.

Google the hanumanasana (monkey pose) story and discover that it is symbolic of a great leap.  So think of leaping as you embrace this advanced posture.

Join me on the mat this Sunday at The Share Centre on Stow Hill at 9.30 -10.45 am. £8.  There is free parking around the Cathedral.  Walk down the hill 100 yards and it’s on your left.

Contact me to book a place on 07712 274 064 / [email protected].  Only 12 places available as their is limited equipment.