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Winter solstice yoga workshop

The Dance of Duality – Return to light…

Winter Solstice Yoga Workshop

Winter Solstice Yoga Workshop

In the Northern Hemisphere we find ourselves at the darkest time of the year about to embark on the return to lighter and longer days, an annual yearning for most of us. This is also the busiest time of year so it is not surprising that the Winter Solstice is often overlooked. Not only do we find ourselves dancing between dark and light but also between stillness and commotion. In Latin, Solstice means to “stand still” and herein lies the paradox of this magical annual phenomenon, a time where we should be quiet and reflective but, in reality, find ourselves frantically running around trying to prepare for that special day we all know and love. (Not all of us I hasten to add!) However, this year things are very different. The time-honoured chaos and pandemonium is undoubtedly missing; there is hesitance in the air – a silence, a stillness, a definite lull. Perhaps this year we should take advantage of this once in a life time seasonal peculiarity and pay attention to the stillness of this astronomical event when the Earth’s tilt is beginning to change.

This workshop too will be a dance of duality between movement and stillness, effort and ease, attention and letting go. It will be a workshop of two halves. We will build resilience and attention in our standing balances and let go and release in our restorative practice where we can plant the seeds for the new year and the lighter days that lie ahead though a guided meditation.

Join me on the mat on Sunday 20 December 7-9pm to nurture yourself and set intentions for the New Year, whatever they maybe. Bring your candles and your oils or whatever you need to create a serene environment.

Other props required

blankets, pillows, bolsters, eye cushion, yoga brick/thick book. Take a look at my yoga pantry for more details on yoga props required for restorative yoga https://yogawithfreanewport.co.uk/2020/06/23/yoga-pantry-how-to-substitute-yoga-props-in-your-restorative-practice/

Please contact me for the link via zoom

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