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Yoga classes and workshops for spring renewal

“Spring cleaning” isn’t just limited to what you’re doing with your closets and cupboards. Celebrate spring by clearing out what isn’t serving you in your life anymore and making room for what does. Spring is an opportunity for renewal and rebirth—for planting seeds to nurture, and to witness the unending cycle of grow and change, a shedding of old layers, habits, and outmoded beliefs. When we recognise that each waking moment is an opportunity to be born again, it is here, in the now, that we can experience the joy of present moment awareness. Wherever you are at right now, in this very moment, whatever it is you are thinking about and whatever it is you are feeling, it is always fluctuating, it will become different and it will transmute into something new. Nothing is permanent!

Those of you who have been practising yoga for a while know the amazing benefits of de-clutter, de-stress and detox it brings to mind, body and spirit. After having experienced a lot of change myself this year, I have really embraced the blessings of a daily yoga practice whether it be my own practice or teaching others.

Many of you know that yoga comes in many forms so if want to try something new whether it be standing on your hands or just spending two hours in complete relaxation, allow yourself that opportunity.

Here are some of my up and coming classes and workshops so indulge a whim…


Sunday morning deepen your practice session 9.30-10.45 am- ( tomorrow float, jump, kick, crawl into handstand) – The Share Centre £8 drop in (please book)

Monday evenings beginners flow 7.15 pm – The Treatment Room (1 place left )

Tuesdays 7.30-8.30 pm dynamic vinyasa flow – The Share Centre £6 first class

Friday mornings 9.30-10.30 am mindful flow yoga – The Share Centre £7 drop in


Saturday 13 April 9.30-11.30 am – Arm balance workshop – The Share Centre £15 (four places left please book)

Sunday 28 April 6.30-8.30 pm Restorative Workshop – The Treatment Room £15 (2 places please book)

Friday 31 May 6.30-8.30 pm Restorative Workshop – The Treatment Room £15 (7 places please book)

Sunday 2 June 9.30-11.30 am inversion workshop – The Share Centre £12 (10 places please book)

Summer Saturdays en plein air – during the summer months I’ll be running Saturday morning classes in Beechwood park (weather dependent). These will be held very close to the cafe so allow yourself an indulgent morning!! ?

September day retreat – I will be running a day retreat this year so watch this space.

Looking forward to seeing you on the mat soon.

Please contact me on 07712 274 064 / [email protected] for more info or to book