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Yoga in the workplace

Research shows that even a short program of yoga is effective for enhancing emotional well-being and resilience to stress in the workplace.

Whether it be on a chair or on a mat yoga in the workplace is considered to be more than a staff perk or benefit, but instead an intrinsic part of staff welfare, to assist employees meld into the work environment that they are in one way or another challenged with. This includes stress (personal & office), deadlines & target issues, anxiety, stiff necks and back pain. At other times your employees are just in need of some relaxation or “me time”.

Yoga helps to increase staff well being and self-worth as well as the appreciation of staff welfare. An increase in office morale will improve the work environments and once again increase productivity and profitability. Combined this will reduce absenteeism.

Class Space at your Workplace

You do not need a dedicated workout room or studio. If you have that’s great, otherwise all you need is a room with some clear open space. It can have either solid flooring or carpets.  Alternatively you can practise yoga on your chair.

If this is something your place of work could benefit from whether is be a one off taster session, a short or long term programme, please get in touch. I currently deliver weekly sessions to Siemens and Dac Beechwood. Kier Construction and staff at various secondary schools.

“When I go back into the office I feel like a different person” — Employee at Kier Construction

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