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“Frea provides plenty of poses and exercises during sessions. In order to do this, she uses mats and also belts, blocks etc.; Frea talks you through every pose and help you modify if it’s too easy or too hard. Highly recommendable!” — Marisa (Brighton)

“Frea is a fantastic teacher. She is very calm, patient and encouraging. Frea explains and demonstrates yoga poses well and is able to suggest adjustments to get the pose right. Frea always explains the benefits of a pose, what muscles are being used and the internal benefits. She is very down to earth while at the same time introducing the spiritual side of yoga and Sanskrit terms. Frea also runs a half hour mindfulness session which I find very beneficial. I am currently attending my second eight week course. I love it and feel stronger and calmer after every session.” — Charlotte (Newport)

Frea is an amazing teacher who encourages students to work at their own pace and to listen to their body. Her knowledge and experience is fantastic and her classes leave you feeling both energised and relaxed. SC Newport

Recently started attending Yoga with Frea and absolutely love it. The level of instruction and professionalism, combined with her knowledge is extremely impressive. I come out of the classes feeling like both my mind and body have been rinsed. People of all ages and abilities are in the classes. I would highly recommend.MH Newport

After having a hip replacement 10 years ago Frea’s classes have taught me to be confident in using my body helping me strengthen and focus my mind. She clearly and intelligently directs my awareness so that I can now understand the purpose of each posture. Frea always encourages us to be curious and to explore the postures lightheartedly reminding us about our breathing and cues to our alignment – especially in “downward dog”!! Her classes are inclusive and thought provoking. Thank you Frea. CS Newport

Whether it’s celebrating summer with Frea’s Yoga in the Park, snuggling down on a Sunday evening for her Yoga Nidra, or an autumnal day retreat with her in beautiful Brockweir, Frea has yoga sessions for every season and time of day. I love them all!RW Newport

Being a yoga teacher myself, I enjoy Frea‘s well designed yoga sequences. And I love that she focuses on strengthening muscles just as much as flexibility. She offers classes for beginner and intermediate yogis. Highly recommend!AG Newport