Summer Solstice Yoga 2021

It is no surprise that International Yoga Day coincides with the Summer Solstice, 21 June, the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere.  This illustrious day is marked as a time of celebration and many cultures have festivals to celebrate the sun and its life-giving energy which is why it makes the perfect … Continue reading Summer Solstice Yoga 2021

State of Flow

Me in my highest “state of flow” Don’t be fooled into thinking that the only way to meditate is to sit with your legs crossed in a quiet space with only your breath to focus on in order to transcend thought. In fact, for most of us sitting in an awkward, uncomfortable position for 15 … Continue reading State of Flow


Do you feel you sometimes take your yoga practice a bit too seriously? Do you have a certain agenda when you get on your mat? How do you actually feel at the beginning of a yoga class? When we get on our mat we don’t always surrender and drop everything as we know we should, … Continue reading Play

Lockdown lie down -Sunday 17 January 7.30-9.15pm

With the next few weeks of lockdown being the most crucial and arduous as we strive towards the light at the end of this very long, bleak tunnel, allow yourself some guilt-free restorative indulgence. Cultivate the skill of conscious relaxation and discovering your true self by journeying effortlessly through a sequence of melting restorative poses, … Continue reading Lockdown lie down -Sunday 17 January 7.30-9.15pm

Exploring arm balances Sunday 4th October 9.30-11am

Establish reciprocity with the earth and take your arm balance practice to the next level with a series of challenging deep dives. This workshop breaks down the foundational arm balances practised most frequently in yoga classes and gives you the opportunity to venture into less familiar flight territory. Combine strength work and prep poses with … Continue reading Exploring arm balances Sunday 4th October 9.30-11am